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Decentralized Storage


Fiddling with decentralized storage, building a front end interface over, a proof of concept leveraging the browser APIs to encrypt/decrypt files on the fly.

How does it look like?

A simple drag and drop area, supports upload and downloads, search, and categorisation of file types. The list of files show up as a flat list for now.

key space 1


Hit and fill in this guest key:


Then hit Go. There is a bunch of files in there already. The key is the encryption key.

Is it safe?

Sort of. I haven't strengthened it but encryptions is pretty solid. Just beware that using this guest key the encryption isn't secure since the key is now made available publicly.

If you want your own key, create an account and API key on, or reach out to me.

It isn't possible to delete any file for now, so use with caution.

It doesn't complete or get stuck?

The limit per file is roughly 2GB, this vary depending on the amount of ram available to your web browser. Encryption/Decryption of large files may take a while, it is entirely done on the browser.

Opening the link doesn't work

Correct, the link navigates to the encrypted file. To view/download the decrypted file, click/tap the filename.

What is that weird globe button?

It will trigger a data fetch of all image files, one by one. Useful to prefech all images then browse through.

I can't log out

This is just a proof of concept, a lot of handy features are still to be implemented.