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Misc notes

  • Anarchy materials
    Anarchy materials

    A primer on anarchist thinkers

  • A Tornado
    A Tornado

    How Tornado cash provide Zk and enhances privacy on the Ethereum blockchain

  • The Fastest is doing it right
    The Fastest is doing it right

    Productivity, measurements, and Schrödinger’s cat

  • Transitioning into CyberSecurity
    Transitioning into CyberSecurity

    A curated list of online courses

  • Lentils over rice
    Lentils over rice

    A story of nutrients, and an introduction to Vitamins

  • keys to productive AI
    keys to productive AI


  • A Startup Engineering Journey
    A Startup Engineering Journey

    From monolith to deployments at scale

  • Unmissable Peru
    Unmissable Peru

    A gathering of sites to see

  • Decentralized Storage
    Decentralized Storage

    A decentralized storage interface to store encrypted files on the fly

  • A reMarkable device
    A reMarkable device

    How the best eInk tablet is reMarkable

  • Security Checklists
    Security Checklists

    A set of checklists for application security

  • Smart contracts
    Smart contracts

    DeFi explained

  • The Anatomy Of A Whale
    The Anatomy Of A Whale

    galgitron gem